Writing as a Sacred Journey

This course is a synthesis of all the practices I have engaged in over the last twenty-seven years, particularly ways to make writing an easy, enjoyable process and spiritual practices that assist this. As such the two are integrated for maximum benefit of participants. One of the keystones is the use of virtues or qualities such as faith, joy, courage, and strength, which offer support for the creative work. Another aspect is the relaxation of the egoic or conditioned mind, which often inhibits creative expression through doubt and fear. A third element is the use of simple movement practices such as qigong to relax the body.

Taken together, the practices offer a strong foundation for spiritual growth, creative expansion, and deeper well-being on all levels.

Each week you will be offered an email package with one virtue or quality to contemplate through discussions and inquiry questions. The questions will allow you deeper reflection, insight, and revelation about your life experiences to express on the page. In addition to these questions, you’ll be offered other prompts, meditative practices, and guided visualizations. There will also be lines of poetry and prose to write from that will offer gateways to inspiration and insight.

To support your process you will be offered an introductory one-hour consultation by phone, Skype or in person, as well as a half hour follow-up at the end of the course, and email support. You will also have the option to post comments and/or pieces to the rest of the group on secure website and the possibility to pair with another group member.

The time commitment for the course is about two hours a week, though you can devote longer if you wish. Since the program is self-paced, you decide when to do the practices (if busy one week you can skip a section and do it the next; the course can also be extended if you need to be away). If you wish feedback on writing I can provide this (for an additional fee).

The journey will be engaging, inspiring, and enlivening, offering what you need to embark on the next stage of your journey.

Cost of the program, which starts February 1 and runs to April 12, is $397; you can also pay in two installments of $210 each, three installments of $143, or four installments of $115.

If you are interested in this program, please send me a $100 deposit by January 20 to hold your place (e-transfer or Paypal if possible); the rest is due at the start of the course. info@lorrainegane.com