Creative Fertility

Be the one on whom nothing is lost

—Henry James

Last month while walking in the forest I came upon a large perfectly formed eagle feather on the path. Given that I was headed to St. Mary Lake for my afternoon walk, I hid the feather under a fern and picked up it up on the way back. When I arrived home, I placed it on my writing desk where I could see it.

The next morning, while contemplating the meaning of this gift, I consulted The Spirit of Place by Loren Cruden, who says the eagle is a totem of strength, courage, leadership, and spiritual power, among other attributes.

More gifts arrived the other day on another path in the forest: four large tightly bound fir cones, which my partner, Phil, suggested represent fertility. I discovered the cones came from one of the tall firs by the creek and I’ve found another ninety-seven cones from the fallen branch they were attached to.

I feel a deep reverence and gratitude for these gifts, which have already generated many creative offerings, including poems, journal writing, and now this note. And I know that as I focus on being “the one on whom nothing is lost” more gifts will come and I’ll partake in their fertility.

What gifts are arriving into your life? Do you have the eyes to see them? Can you honour these gifts through your writing?

With Love,