Mystery, Fertility, and Writing

The other morning after I left our cottage and started walking along the path, I noticed two fawns looking at me intently from the field, their fur darkened from the overnight rain. Farther along the path their mother peered at me over the fence with black luminous eyes. Later, on my return walk, they were still in the field grazing and watching me.

I thought of how deer symbolize quickness, innocence, grace, and “the fertile power of the forest” in some native traditions and as I contemplated this sighting as a totem I felt grateful I had the morning to sink deep into the space of writing after a busy couple days.

Time to write feels so precious and necessary. When I can relax into the deep space of writing I sense a connection to my inner being, the core of my centre. And if I truly relax, new possibilities arise on the page. I enter a world of mystery and fertility in which anything can arise on the page. Such was the case that day. Words flowed easily on a topic I longed to engage in.

If you are longing for a sanctuary to write, please join me December 1 for another Writing as a Spiritual Practice retreat here on the island. The retreat will be a gentle entry into the practice of writing for deeper awareness, expression, and transformation. If this appeals to you, please register early as spaces fill quickly for this retreat. For more details please see below.

For those who can’t come to the island, please have a look at my self-paced online courses (click here) for one that interests you.

Stay tuned for announcements about some exciting events for 2019, including a weekend retreat for nourishment and creativity next summer.

And here’s a five-minute writing practice to encourage new writing.

As we move deeper into fall, may you be blessed with greater opportunity to rest within and write what you long to express.

With Love



Saturday, Dec. 1, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Participants will explore how writing can open untapped sources of insight, understanding, inspiration, and wisdom. Beginning with gentle movement and meditative practices to still the mind and relax the body, they will engage in a series of writing sessions to open awareness to what may be hidden in their own inner recesses. The opening allows buried feelings, thoughts, and images to be brought back to the whole. This often frees up blocked energy, offers new possibilities and deeper connection to innate vitality, joy, creativity, and well-being. Over the past twenty-five years. Lorraine Gane has discovered ways to help writers at all levels to find their truest expression and creativity, through workshops, online courses, consultations, and her skilled editing. Her poetry, essays, articles, and reviews have been widely published and she is author of several collections of poetry, including Even the Slightest Touch Thunders Under My Skin and The Blue Halo. She is now completing several projects, among them a book on writing. Please bring a bag lunch, notebook, and pen and wear comfortable clothing. Cost: $30 at the door. St. Mary’s, 2600 Fulford Ganges Road. Registration required –