Let the beauty be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground


One of the most vital things we can give ourselves on the creative path is nourishment. Over the last twenty-two years of writing this has taken many forms for me, often with some kind of sitting.

When I worked full-time as an editor for Toronto Life magazine, I’d walk a couple blocks north during my lunch hour to sit and write in the gardens of St. James Park. After I left my job to become a freelancer, I’d sit in my small backyard on summer afternoons and admire the deep crimson roses growing up the side fence, or walk south several blocks to Bellwood’s Park and sit on the sprawling lawns under an expansive sky. Often I’d bring along my notebook and write for a half hour or longer.

Now I sit at my desk in the mornings before and after my walk into the nearby forest. Sitting in silence always fills my creative well, especially after days of intense activity, such as that of last week when my brother and his wife arrived into Ganges Harbour from Seattle on their newly bought sailboat. Even before they headed up the coast again after four days here I felt depleted by all the intense activity that we engaged in, yet after a day of sitting still I felt replenished and ready to write again. At first the writing was sketchy, given my low energy, but over the next couple days as I continued to sit and write the creative gate opened wider and a steady stream of writing began to flow onto the page.

I’d like to offer you the same kind of fertile space to open your own creative gate, either at The Heart of Engagement writing workshop I’m offering on Salt Spring on Saturday, Aug. 13 or through my Three-Month Writing Program, which begins on the 1st or 15th of each month. Both will help you attune to your deep creative reservoir and the writing that is waiting to be expressed through you at this time. Please see the following for more details.

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The Heart of Engagement

A writing workshop with Lorraine Gane

Saturday, Aug. 13, 1-5 p.m.

When we open to what wants to emerge on the page, we enter into a deep engagement with the creative source, a rich reservoir of buried memories, feelings, images and other impulses for writing. And as we stay receptive in the process, even if uncomfortable at times, the writing can coalesce into stories, poems, and other pieces vibrant with our own authentic expression. Through practices to still the mind and relax the body, we’ll enter that rich territory, writing past the censor to express ourselves fully on the page. Sharing in a supportive environment will help shape the writing into a completed form. Throughout the afternoon, we’ll aim to break through old barriers, open to new possibilities, and write with depth and awareness in our truest voice.

Note: this workshop is open to writers at all levels of experience, working in any genre

Place: Salt Spring Island (2 km north of Ganges); Cost:  $75 ($65 by Aug. 7)

*Note: Off-islanders can stay at a lovely lakeside cottage:



This program is designed to support new writing as well as ongoing projects that could benefit from editorial suggestions and other creative advice. The program starts with a one-hour phone consultation to discern what would help your writing process. We then create a plan to propel your writing through various means (practices, exercises, reading suggestions, creative approaches). Feedback on writing via email includes detailed comments on aspects such as cohesiveness and clarity, in addition to fine-tuning suggestions. Two more half-hour consultations follow, one per month. Participants can send in 15 double-spaced pages for review with the option of buying more editing time at a special rate. The program will offer the support you need to take your writing to the next level. Next start dates: Aug. 1 or 15, or at an agreed on period. Cost $375 (can pay in three installments, with two post-dated cheques).