Snow, Faith, and Writing

Dear Friends:

As I walk in the forests and fields here on Salt Spring where we’ve had snow for more than a week, I’m deeply grateful for this white world of wonder, an intricate lace of light connecting the tall firs, cedars, alders, and everything else.

The other morning as I entered the field in the softly falling snow and looked around me I thought ‘How exquisitely beautiful this all is.’ And when I came back to my room and sat down at my desk the Zen phrase “the snow falls, each flake in its appropriate place” came to my mind.

If it’s true each snowflake is in its perfect place, we must be part of this divine perfection of the universe, too.

Sometimes we don’t see this perfection in our writing. We only see what’s not working. We may be judging ourselves for not completing a story or poem or even a larger project.

Yet as we allow our writing to be exactly as it is, we accept the deep rhythms of creativity. There are times when we are productive and much comes; other times we must wait, take small steps, and be patient with the results. We must have faith in the process, however long it takes. Faith takes us through the dark passages towards our completed works. Faith is part of the inner harmony of our creations and the universe. And especially at this time as we approach the darkest time of the year, faith is essential.

Over the coming weeks may faith be your guide and may the blessings of the season be rich and plentiful for you and your family.

With Love and Warm Wishes,



In the snow-lit field I raise up my palms

to the moon’s blazing white face.

What are you waiting for? she asks.

Feast on the beauty of your life.