Writing as a Joyful Act

One morning last week just after the first greys of dawn lit up the front yard, I looked out the window at the tiny beads of rain strung along the maple’s bare arms. Suddenly, these beads seemed to glitter like distant stars in the night sky and I realized a deep and mysterious beauty was unfolding before my eyes.

Along with this was a sense of joy and lightness, for earlier I’d been caught in the dictates of my mind urging me to buckle down and work on essays and poems, plus a myriad of other writing. Yet as soon as I’d noticed these insistent heavy thoughts, I let them go and determined to focus on the present. It was then I could really see what was before me in a way that was wholly new. And from this seeing came the urge to pick up my pen and express the insights. This was natural and easy, without any strain at all—writing as a joyful act.

To connect to your own joy for writing, you may wish to do the following practices from my new e-book Write Now: A Guide to Creative Freedom:

Opening deeply to what is, you sense the word that wishes to arise and you write it down. One word, then another word in a flow of words onto the page as you breathe deeply, letting the flow take you where it wishes to go. You give up control. You give up grasping. You sit perfectly content to receive what you’re writing and the body relaxes. Your limbs loosen as you breathe deeply into your body and a space opens for the writing that’s meant to come on this day.
It’s in the present that creative inspiration flows to you, igniting words on the page. What you wrote yesterday or last week has no relevance right now. What you’ll write tomorrow or next week is of no concern to you in this moment. In this moment there are only words flowing onto the page. If you feel an ache or pain, breathe into it. Accept it fully. By accepting whatever comes, you allow it to move through you, keeping the space for writing clear.
Be softly here, aware of your body, your breathing, but also aware of the spaciousness within, the well of creativity that resides in your deepest self, which can be accessed by yielding to the power that resides within. Your deepest source is where your truest writer’s voice lives, which you can know through inner silence, patience, intense listening. Simply be present to what wants to come today, listen to what’s there. You may feel this writing as an energy in your body, perhaps in the abdomen or heart. Be present to it. What does it want to say?

Warmest Wishes,