2024 Writing Courses and Workshops/Retreats

Writing as Devotion

Summer Retreat with Lorraine Gane and Lolla Devindisch

At this fertile time of summer blooming, we’ll have the opportunity to cultivate one of our most vital resources for creativity and spiritual unfoldment—deepening our heart connection and the devotion to expressing its truths through writing. We’ll begin with meditative practices and gentle movement to still our minds, relax our bodies, and soften into our hearts, opening to a flow of writing on the page. We’ll venture into deeper heart territory during a longer writing session to see what’s ready to arise, then after lunch, we’ll have a chance to explore the grounds of St. Mary’s Church for inspiration. Our time together will be nourishing, ignite new writing, creative flowering, and deepen our connection with our innermost selves, one another, and the world around us in a supportive circle of writers at all levels of experience.

Saturday, June 22, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Location: St. Mary’s Church, Salt Spring Island

Cost: $35; payable at the beginning of the session

To register: staroftheseassi@gmail.com  

Three-Month Writing Program

(dates by agreement)

This program is designed to support new writing as well as ongoing projects that could benefit from editorial suggestions and other creative advice. The program starts with a one-hour consultation to discern what would help your writing process. We then create a plan to propel your writing through various means (practices, exercises, reading suggestions, creative approaches). Feedback on writing includes detailed comments on aspects such as cohesiveness and clarity, in addition to fine-tuning suggestions. Two more consultations follow, one per month. Participants can send in ten double-spaced pages of prose (or fifteen pages of poetry) for review with the option of buying more editing time, as needed, at a special rate.  The program will offer the support you need to take your writing to the next level. Cost: $597 (can pay in three installments of $215).

Beauty & Truth: The Secret Heart of a Poem

A three-month poetry program

(dates by agreement)

This program will help you open fully to your truest voice and express it on the page with vividness, precision, truth, and beauty. Discussions will introduce you to the essential elements of the craft and practices will help you to apply them to your own writing. Feedback on fifteen double spaced pages of poetry will further assist your process, as will three one-on-one consultations and email support. The program will open a deeper poetic awareness and understanding of the genre’s forms while you write and complete a selection of poems. Cost: $597 or three installments of $215.

Writing as a Sacred Journey

June 15-September 15 (or dates by agreement)

This twelve-week online course offers a strong foundation for creative expansion, spiritual growth, and deeper well-being on all levels. Every week you’ll be offered an email package with one virtue or quality to contemplate through discussions and inquiry questions. The questions will allow deeper reflection, insight, and revelation about your life experiences to express on the page. In addition to these questions, you’ll receive other prompts, meditative practices, and guided visualizations for gateways to inspiration and insight. To support your process, you’ll be offered monthly one-hour consultations by Zoom, feedback on ten double-spaced pages of prose (fifteen pages of poetry), and email support. The journey will be engaging, inspiring, and enlivening, offering what you need to embark on the next stage of your journey. Cost is $597 or three installments of $215.

Writing the Spiritual Memoir

(dates by agreement)

This three-month program is designed to help you write about the deeper mysteries of your life with the aim of working towards a book-length project. The discussions and practices will open a flow of writing that you will shape into clear and cohesive narratives. You will be offered ways to enhance narratives with methods such as fictional techniques, including dialogue, scene making, imagery, and descriptive writing. You’ll work towards a marriage of craft and content. You’ll find what you have to say and express it in the most compelling way possible. What’s included in the program: three one-hour coaching sessions by Zoom; six modules of discussions and practices; email support; review of ten pages (2,500 words) of double-spaced writing; cost: $597 or monthly installments of $215.

A Crack That Lets the Light In

Retreat; Next date TBA

Often our most powerful writing is hidden deep in recesses of our heart. To access this writing, we need an opening that will let the writing spill out onto the page.  Through stilling the mind, relaxing the body, and resting deep within, we’ll allow what wants to arise on the page, whether the writing is about joyful moments or those filled with loss, grief, or other challenges, for often these are the cracks that let the light in. We’ll share this writing in a supportive circle, listening with attentive ears to what rings true and what can be expressed in a fuller way. The retreat will offer a container to express yourself with awareness, depth, compassion, and courage, bringing forth writing in your truest voice.



Please send me a brief note about what writing you’ve engaged in and what interests you about a particular course.