Book Birthing Programs

Over the last twenty years I’ve had the privilege of helping a wide range of writers birth their books, including poetry collections, novels, memoirs, and a variety of other nonfiction books. With each of these books, I worked intuitively on the overall shape, content, and fine-tuning to help them reach their full potential.

In addition to manuscript editing, I’m now offering mentoring programs that provide support and encouragement to help writers start, continue, or complete projects. Participants are guided in ways to open their truest expression in their most natural voice, overcome limiting beliefs and other obstacles, and discover the overall focus and organic shape of their projects. Writers also learn organizing methods to keep them on track and propel their projects. The program helps writers cultivate the skills to move beyond their censor, write deeply, and maintain focus to realize creative goals.

The following are some options you may wish to consider:

Beginning your Book (dates by agreement)

This three-month program will take you through eight steps to start working on the book you’ve been longing to write. The program includes three one-hour phone, Zoom (or in person) consultations and tutorials to help you:

*discover what you long to write and why

*create strong intentions for the writing

*clear resistances to this writing

*gather necessary material for the writing

*learn ways to keep organized and stay on track

*write a title and mission statement

*see the overall picture of your book

*start writing the most pivotal sections

You will also learn ways to make writing an enjoyable easy process and receive inspiring messages and practice tips. You’ll have the opportunity to receive feedback on your writing for a reduced editing rate. The program will offer the encouragement and support you need to initiate the writing you’re called to at this time.  Contact Lorraine for more details.

Writing your Book

We work with the large picture and the small, determining what approaches and practical tools will help your writing move forward. This may range from discussing ways to establish a writing practice with the assistance of new routines, writing exercises, and reading.

Programs are custom-made according to your needs. The following is one option:

  • A one-hour consultation by phone, Zoom or in person
  • Support material as needed, such as writing practices, notes, reading, etc.
  • Email support (two check-ins)

Contact Lorraine for more details.

Completing your Book

Editing on manuscripts: Comments on the overall structure or shape of a piece of writing, as well as detailed annotations on the text, with emphasis on the clarity of ideas expressed, rhythm and flow of sentences, effectiveness of transitions, tone, point of view, character development, use of dialogue, and voice. Stylistic tendencies that hamper the writing will also be noted, along with technical considerations. In addition to structural editing, I also offer copy editing and proofreading.

Contact me for a complimentary consultation to discuss these options. I can also custom-make a program to suit your specific needs.

Some comments from writers I’ve worked with:

In the process of writing my first book, a spiritual memoir, I was particularly fortunate to have Lorraine as my mentor and coach. She was knowledgeable about all aspects of the writing process from start to publication. She was professional yet patient, kind and listened deeply, offering insight and excellent suggestions.  She consistently provided exactly what was needed to guide me and the writing to the next level. Honestly, I can’t imagine how this book would have been possible without her expert holding of space that allowed it to emerge and come into form. I am eternally grateful for Lorraine’s masterful guidance and support.

–Alison Normore, author, Return to Pangaea, 2017


Lorraine Gane has carried out a daunting task that is a tribute to her sensibilities both as an editor and as a Canadian poet in her own right

–John Keith King, Runes of an Aging Drummer (Foreshore Projects, 2015)

My abundant thanks go to Lorraine Gane, accomplished poet and teacher, who has shaped my development as a writer and helped with the long gestation in bringing this collection together.

–Eileen Wttewall, Come Dance with Me (Frog Haven Press, 2016)

I would like to thank Lorraine Gane, author and teacher, for her inspiration, guidance and sensitive editing of my work.

–Lottie Devindisch, A Dance of Pelicans (Invocation Press, 2016)