Bringing Through Your Gold

A mentoring program to birth your book


This eight-week program will offer you a map to birth your book, whether poetry, fiction or nonfiction, with inspiration, support, encouragement, practices, and practical tools to guide you through the process.

The first step is opening to your deepest longings and setting strong intentions for writing. After this, you’ll be offered ways to set up support systems for writing, then begin opening to your truest expression. Weekly meetings on Zoom (alternating with instruction and small groups for sharing) will keep you on track and engaged by a community of writers.  Discussions will include how to keep focus on projects, overcome obstacles such as distractions (inner and outer), create a map for the writing, open to intuitive guidance on all aspects of the process, publishing options, and more.

You’ll also be offered four modules with discussions and tips, an introductory one-hour individual consultation with Lorraine on Zoom, plus email support to address any questions or concerns. Other options can be added, such as detailed feedback on writing and another consultation, for an additional fee.

The program will give you the opportunity to ignite the writing you are most called to at this time in a dynamic and engaging community of heart-centred women writing their truths.

For more information on upcoming programs, contact Lorraine at