I offer a holistic approach to writing that addresses not only creative concerns but also emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of the writing process.

We work with the large picture and the small, determining what approaches and practical tools will help your writing move forward. This may range from discussing ways to establish a writing practice with the assistance of new routines, writing exercises, and reading.

More experienced writers with projects such as novels and memoirs in mind may be seeking ways to enter the work and maintain stamina. Other writers may be looking for detailed feedback on a completed manuscript.

An initial one-hour consultation can be followed by sessions in subsequent months as writers work on pages for submission. During our work together, writers receive answers to any questions via email, as well as occasional notes on writing and the creative process.

Please contact me to arrange your personal coaching sessions/manuscript feedback


What to Expect From Manuscript Feedback:

Comments on the overall structure or shape of a piece of writing, as well as detailed annotations on the text, with emphasis on the clarity of ideas expressed, rhythm and flow of sentences, effectiveness of transitions, tone, point of view, character development, use of dialogue, and voice. Stylistic tendencies that hamper the writing will also be noted, along with technical considerations.

In addition to extensive experience working with individual writers of nonfiction, poetry, and fiction throughout North America, I have edited a wide range of  articles, essays, and fiction  for major Canadian magazines (Toronto Life, enRoute, Toronto magazine, Ontario Nature), and mentored writers in courses at universities across Canada. I also edit book manuscripts for publishers such as Mother Tongue Publishing (The Life and Art of David Marshall, 4 Poets, This is the Moon’s Work) and Creative By Nature Publishing (Beauty Muse). Among other books I’ve edited are: Can I Be Me Without Losing You (memoir, 2013), by Chental Wilson; From the Deep: Queen Inanna Dies and Comes Back to Life Again, Suzanne Banay Santo (fiction, 2014); Persephone Under the Earth, Suzanne Banay Santo (fiction, 2012), Returning: A Tale of Vasalis and Baba Yaga, Suzanne Banay Santo (fiction, 2012); Writing Alone Together (nonfiction, 2014), by Lynda Monk, Wendy Cutler, Ahava Shira; Runes of an Aging Drummer, John Keith-King (poetry, 2015); Tales of an ex-Pat in London, Pat Kelly (memoir, 2016); Come Dance with Me, Eileen Wttewaall (poetry, 2016), A Dance of Pelicans, Lottie Devindisch (poetry, 2016), Return to Pangaea, Alison Normore (memoir, 2017); Aging with Grace, Helen Hinchliff (nonfiction, 2018), Death Before Life, Tallas Munro (poetry, 2018); Pure Pilgrimage: A Journey Back to Self, Using Personal Truth as Your Compass, Chental Wilson (nonfiction,  2019), The Road, So Long, Paul Bethune (poetry, 2019), Diana Hayes (Gold in the Shadow: Twenty-Two Ghazals and a Cento for Phyllis Webb (poetry, 2021).


Lorraine’s on-line Writing as Witness course re-awakened my passion for writing which had been lying dormant after completing eleven of the thirteen chapters of my memoirs two years ago. The feedback was positive, affirming and constructively critical with inspired suggestions. Lorraine’s assistance with publishing possibilities was icing on the cake.  I have not stopped writing since.
–Annie Stirling , author of What’s Love Got to Do With It

My writing  journey is enriched through Lorraine’s presence on this path. I have been a participant in her narrative course, and I have also hired Lorraine for individual writing support. She brings skill and heart to her facilitation and feedback. Her gentle dance of knowledge and intuition create deep roots for important writing work, making it a life practice versus a task. Her devotion to her own writing also offers quiet inspiration.
–Lynda Monk, author of Umbilical Cord, a work-in-progress

I appreciate the care and quality of attention Lorraine offers her students. Her feedback is insightful, caring and inspiring. She has motivated me to take myself to the next step of my writing career.
–Robert Birch, columnist and feature writer