Even the Slightest Touch Thunders on My Skin

In the early ‘90s Lorraine Gane’s fiancé was diagnosed with inoperable cancer, dying nine months later during a bone marrow operation in New York City.

This first collection of poems chronicles her journey through doctor’s offices and hospitals, but also reveals through dreams and monologue a deeper response to the death and its aftermath.

Her intense, sometimes stark, but consistently lyrical voice moves the text through an intimate story of love, loss and renewal.

(Black Moss Press, 2002)


The Blue Halo

Wars, aging, illness, death, and natural disasters are juxtaposed with luminous encounters in nature and with loved ones to awaken a deeper perception—what ancient sages have known for thousands of years and quantum physicists have discovered in the last forty: We live in a vast universe of interrelatedness where the possibilities to meet and be met by beauty are open to us in every moment.

80 pages

Leaf Press, 2014


The Way the Light Enters

These poems explore the place where the ordinary meets the extraordinary in the forests, hidden vales, mountains, and secret coves of the West Coast’s Gulf Islands. At the heart of the collection is a meditation on the threshold of the self as the old shell cracks to reveal the luminous nature of all existence: the gold-dusted tongues of trilliums on the forest floor, stars quivering in their silky pods, the shining face of a beloved on a winter afternoon, cedar boughs parting to let through the sun’s long resplendent fingers of light.

64 pages

Black Moss Press


Earth Light

Part I of the “seeing poems,” set among the landscapes of Salt Spring Island.

Limited edition, letter pressed chapbook

Golden Bough Press, 2001.


Sold out.

The Phantom Orchid

The Phantom Orchid takes its name from one of the rarest flowers in Canada, found only in B.C.

Part II of the “seeing poems.”

Limited-edition chapbook.

Blooming Ground Press, 2007.


Beauty and Beyond: Songs of Small Mercies

Explores the many faces of beauty

Limited Edition chapbook

Leaf Press, 2012


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