2019 Courses


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Participants will explore how writing can open untapped sources of insight, understanding, inspiration, and wisdom. Beginning with gentle movement and meditative practices to still the mind and relax the body, they will engage in a series of writing sessions to open awareness to what may be hidden in their own inner recesses. The opening allows buried feelings, thoughts, and images to be brought back to the whole. This often frees up blocked energy, offers new possibilities and deeper connection to innate vitality, joy, creativity, and well-being. Over the past twenty-five years. Lorraine Gane has discovered ways to help writers at all levels to find their truest expression and creativity, through workshops, online courses, consultations, and her skilled editing. Her poetry, essays, articles, and reviews have been widely published and she is author of several collections of poetry, including Even the Slightest Touch Thunders Under My Skin and The Blue Halo. She is now completing several projects, among them a book on writing. Please bring a bag lunch, notebook, and pen and wear comfortable clothing. Cost: $30 at the door. St. Mary’s, 2600 Fulford Ganges Road. Registration required - staroftheseassi@gmail.com.


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In this intense four-hour workshop, you’ll learn ways to bring beauty to your writing by enhancing the clarity, cohesiveness, and coherence of your poetry, fiction, memoir, or other nonfiction writing. We’ll discuss how to find the best overall shape for your writing, as well as ways to sharpen and strengthen sentences, word precision, and punctuation. The workshop will cover how to make editing an enjoyable and productive process that builds on your writing strengths. You will learn the most common writing problems and how to solve them, as well as a host of editing techniques for any kind of writing. An in-class exercise will hone your skills and handouts will provide exercises and resources for further editing.*Note: please bring a page or two of double-spaced writing to edit.

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Three-Month Writing Program

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This program is designed to support new writing as well as ongoing projects that could benefit from editorial suggestions and other creative advice. The program starts with a one-hour consultation to discern what would help your writing process. We then create a plan to propel your writing through various means (practices, exercises, reading suggestions, creative approaches). Feedback on writing includes detailed comments on aspects such as cohesiveness and clarity, in addition to fine-tuning suggestions. Two more consultations follow, one per month. Participants can send in 15 double-spaced pages of prose (or 20 pages of poetry) for review with the option of buying more editing time, as needed, at a special rate.  The program will offer the support you need to take your writing to the next level. Cost: $597 (can pay in three installments of $215).